As well as our flagship programmes, we also regularly run half- to full-day workshops exploring different areas of strategy, innovation, business model design and the future of organisations. Keep a lookout for events, or contact us directly to discuss how we could run a workshop for your organisation. 

Here are a few examples of workshops we run for clients.

strategy in a day

For early stage and growing companies who are looking for clarity and focus to help them make the right decisions, we will work through what strategy means, prepare a strategy for your company ready to be tested in the real world, and measure what's needed to know whether it is working.



learn from the pioneers

Stories, provocations and inspiration from entrepreneurs, businesses and movements challenging the status quo. Can these pioneers inspire you to do things differently within your organisation?

bid to win

As service companies grow, and win big contracts, they inevitably hit competitive tender processes. If you're new to this, or are struggling to make an impact, this workshop gets you up to speed, and introduces you to a methodology that ensures before you put pen to paper and start writing your bid, you have a clear view on what your customer wants and how you’re going to deliver.

bringing design thinking to your organisation 

As design-led organisations achieve greater success, more companies are looking to bring this powerful toolkit to their business. This workshop introduces you to the approach, examines the opportunities and pitfalls of using it, and provides real examples of where it has been used to great effect.