Our philosophy

We live in an era of accelerating change, a time of disorder and uncertainty. Every area of our lives is subject to disruption as new ideas, technologies and discoveries allow new futures to emerge. During this messy period legacy systems, organisations and models are waning rapidly, however their replacements are not yet clear. 

Every day we have a choice. To worry about the old way of doing things, or to embrace and explore the new. 

We believe the future belongs to organisations who are constantly learning, evolving and adapting. 

In every business, innovation is now a key element of strategy, and change is part of the everyday. 

Embracing this reality can accelerate the impact and the performance of your business, and help navigate the uncertainty we operate in. 

Emergent exists to help you move faster, and better. 

We work collaboratively to understand the opportunities and challenges you face, empower your people, and develop the strategies and ideas that will help you take the lead in your industry and transform the future of your organisation. 

Our work embeds a capacity for change and innovation within your team, building confidence and providing the tools and models you need to thrive in this emergent era. 

Our approach is underpinned by three core philosophies. We believe the winners of the future will:

1. embed strategy + innovation + change as an integrated process rather than discrete activities
2. empower their people to contribute their insight, ideas and energy
3. embrace uncertainty with curiosity and humility

Our story

"A wise man told me that “your purpose flows from your pain”. (1)

The more I reflect on that statement, and look back on my journey, the more it holds true.  

The turning points in my life have all hinged on feeling disempowered by the organisations I worked for, being frustrated by the lack of support for new ideas and progressive thinking, and a ‘head in the sand’ mentality when it came to the big changes going on all around us.

The contrast I found between my work life and the people and attitudes I encountered at events like the Do Lectures, the tools I learned to use like Design Thinking , and the ideas I found in books and online showed me that another way was possible. I found stories of organisations doing things differently, and a growing appetite and debate on the need for a different approach to business which inspired me. 

I left my corporate career to explore what the future of business could look like, and help aspirational organisations make the transition from ‘business as usual’ to a new model of mission-led enterprise.  

And so from the painful experiences in my life - the frustration, the anger and the disappointment - flows my mission with emergent - to build learning, innovative organisations that empower their people to develop breakthrough ideas, and transform their future.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey. "

Matt Spry, Founder of Emergent

(1) This wise man in particular - http://www.flowcoacher.com