Our story

A wise man once told me that “your purpose flows from your pain”. (1)

The more I reflect on that statement, and look back on my journey, the more it holds true.  

The turning points in my life have all hinged on feeling disempowered by the organisations I worked for, being frustrated by the lack of support for new ideas and progressive thinking, and a ‘head in the sand’ mentality when it came to the big changes going on all around us.

The contrast I found between my work life and the people and attitudes I encountered at events like the Do Lectures, the tools I learned to use like Design Thinking , and the ideas I found in books and online showed me that another way was possible. I found stories of organisations doing things differently, and a growing appetite and debate on the need for a different approach to business which inspired me. 

I left my corporate career to explore what the future of business could look like, and help aspirational organisations make the transition from ‘business as usual’ to a new model of mission-led enterprise.  

And so from the painful experiences in my life - the frustration, the anger and the disappointment - flows my mission with emergent - to build learning, innovative organisations that empower their people to develop breakthrough ideas, and transform their future.

I hope you’ll join us on the journey.

(1) This wise man in particular - http://www.flowcoacher.com