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We use a design thinking approach to solve real challenges your organisation faces, working alongside your team to discover insights, define the requirements of any solution, develop ideas, and deliver prototypes ready for testing. 

This approach not only delivers quick results, it also builds capacity by giving your teams the tools and confidence needed to tackle problems in the future.


In our business climate, change is both a constant and accelerating, making it hard to deal with. Effective change management requires support across an organisation and a clear sense of purpose and direction for teams to rally around.  

By building teams empowered to sense and respond to a dynamic business environment, it becomes easier both to deliver change, and make your strategy a reality. 

Organisation design

We are passionate about building organisations fit for the next stage of business evolution. The most successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that best harness the talents of their people, within an agile operating model that senses and responds to the complex world we operate in.

Using your purpose as the starting point, we work with you to design, test and implement an operating model that is right for you.

Together we will build a map to a better future. 

How we work


Two- to five-day programmes where we work with your teams to identify, solve and test real problems your business faces. 

We bring together elements of strategy, innovation, behavioural science and design thinking to help you answer critical questions through the rapid prototyping and customer-testing of new ideas in a limited timeframe. This approach minimises risk whilst maximising energy and impact. 

Whatever the challenges you’re currently wrestling with, a design sprint is a proven way to unblock progress, get your team moving and discover a new way forward. 


Half- or one-day sessions to introduce new ideas, business models and tools. Bring your teams up to speed with the latest thinking, be inspired by stories of companies doing things differently, and bring fresh thinking and ideas to your teams. 

An example is our 'hack your company' workshop, which is a chance to unlock the ideas and creativity of the disruptive minds within your organisation. 

Over one or two days we provide the provocation, space and tools for your teams to reimagine the future of your business. Let your people unleash their creative side, and show you what they are capable of. 

You set the challenge, we provide the tools, your people supply the genius.


Depending on the scale of your organisation, the challenges you face or your ambition, we can design bespoke programmes of support. 

Whether you are planning a large-scale change programme, need to revolutionise your business, or want to build a team of innovation champions across your organisation, we can help.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Please get in touch to see how we could help your organisation evolve