Matt joined our enterprise-wide transformation project when we were at a crossroads. He quickly got under the skin of the challenges we faced, and was instrumental in forming a plan for action. By bringing new ideas and energy to the team he helped put us back on the road to sustainable growth and service improvement.
— Business Transformation Director, FTSE 250 business
Matt worked with us to deliver a first business plan and financial model for our start-up social enterprise, and the result was crucial in us securing some early financing to start to scale up. Matt brought enthusiasm and positivity in addition to his impressive knowledge, experience and skills and he really ‘gets’ our innovative approach. We look forward to continuing to work with Matt as we go to the next level.
— Dermot O'Regan, Director and Co-founder, Grow Bristol CIC
Having Matt coach our business has been amazing. His expertise, advice and support has empowered the company to develop and grow beyond what we thought we would ever be able to achieve. His understanding of both business and social impact goes hand in hand and we can’t thank him enough for his belief and contributions to this exciting phase of our company
— Krystal Keeley, Director, Unique Voice CIC
Combining enthusiasm with a sound understanding of business, Matt has given us the support and tools to help direct and grow our Company in the way we want. With so many growth options, Matt helped us to clearly quantify each opportunity and thus make the right decisions, both for now and for the future.
— Will Thomas, Product Director, AMX Solutions
We have found working with Matt has given us a new perspective on the issues the organisation faces. As well as the benefits of approaching business planning in a new way, we have found the type of interactions we had with Matt have been stimulating, affirming, increasing our confidence and resilience.

Joanna Holmes, Chief Executive, Barton HIll Settlement

During our initial meeting, Matt really took the time to fully understand our business at the same time as evaluating the skill set of the team and exactly what we offer our customers. As a result, Matt was able to play an instrumental role in identifying numerous business development opportunities along with forming the strategy to successfully integrate these and really ‘make them happen’. His positivity, enthusiasm and ideas are enough to drive any business toward greater success as has been the case for us!

Mark Durnford. Owner, Create Health & Fitness Ltd