Grow and change

We live in an era of constant change. The emergence of new technologies, tools and business models are driving a relentless pace,  giving rise to new challenges and opportunities.

Despite this many companies remain wedded to the way they always done things, and as a result are vulnerable to disruption and the gradual - or sudden - erosion of their business model.

Why? Because change is hard.

It takes courage, honesty and openness to really look hard at where your business could be headed, the challenges it currently faces and the environment it could soon be operating in. You will almost certainly have to face some difficult truths, but you should also find exciting opportunities.

Changing a business model or strategy that has served you well in the past may feel like a risk, but consider instead the risk of standing still in the current business environment.

We believe that the most successful businesses of the future will embrace change as a constant feature, and build a culture and capacity for change to maximise their chances of long-term success.

At Emergent we work with companies who share this view, working on both individual transformation projects and capacity building.

Whatever the sector or scale, our approach to transformation has the same key stages: 

diagnose the problem

Before the real work starts it is crucial to get clarity on the challenges you want to resolve, and their root causes. This is the phase most often ignored, or cut short, but it is also the most important - get the diagnosis wrong and you significantly increase the chance of your project failing.

create the platform

Once we’re clear on why change is needed, we build the platform that will allow it to happen. There are several elements to this, but most important is getting the right people involved from both within and outside your organisation. We strongly believe in collaborative working, and that a team with diverse skills and experiences will deliver the best results.

design the future

This is where the fun really starts. The first step is to create a vision for the future - what do we actually want to achieve? What is success on the project and how will we measure it? What are the key design principles that our solution must abide by? Once these things have been agreed, ideas can be generated, discussed, appraised, developed, discarded or progressed.

build the solution

During this stage our ideas start to become reality. We use pilots or prototypes to get quick wins, build momentum and test our chosen solutions - learning, iterating and improving using real data before we commit to larger roll-outs. Our definitions of success serve as our compass to make sure we retain focus.

learn and improve

Once the solution is in place we use key metrics and measures to ensure we are delivering the right results. Key lessons and implications are captured, and fed back to maximise the learning from the project.  Inevitably changes and tweaks will be required as time goes on, and effective governance and monitoring is key.

If you have a business challenge you want to explore, or are excited about looking into new opportunities, please get in touch to discuss how  a transformation project could benefit your business.