32 lessons from this year's Do Lectures

  1. do less, but better
  2. consciously choose everything you do
  3. follow your curiosity, talk to more people, try things, tell your story
  4. set small experiments with low expectations
  5. always look to the edges for inspiration and a glimpse of future
  6. our work and values may not change but our response to changing context should
  7. draw more
  8. see things as they are, but strive for the future you want
  9. long-term thinking and relationships still matter
  10. create considered content, not just more noise
  11. look for where your personal voice and commercial opportunity meet
  12. your work exists in a continuum, building on the work of others, and will exist after you’ve gone...what legacy do you want to leave?
  13. what is the “from…to…” you want to create?
  14. what is most interesting to you? Follow that
  15. the "doorstep mile” is the hardest
  16. build adventure into everyday, whatever that means to you
  17. ask how can you put others in a position to succeed wildly
  18. remember that nobody knows what they’re doing! We’re all making it up as we go along
  19. take a long-term view of the change you want to make - how would that change the way you do things?
  20. what does the world need now that you are uniquely able to deliver?
  21. find and celebrate the soul or essence of every organisation
  22. “to know is to be in a prison, to not know is to be free”
  23. we must have the gumption and guts to do what we know is right
  24. beauty and fun is often in the little things
  25. what we nurture will grow
  26. space and environment matters more than we realise
  27. doing things the hard way can be more rewarding
  28. spend time with your tribe
  29. control what you let into your body and mind - our physical and emotional wellbeing is an expression of being in balance
  30. don’t settle - challenge, change, experiment
  31. ask what we can do to serve those closest to you
  32. keep things simple, always fight complexity