My favourite inspirational online talks

Over the past few years - on my own search for purpose - I've gone to some amazing events and met some inspirational people. I thought I'd share links to the talks that inspired me the most on my journey. I hope they inspire you too. 


Happy Summercamp 2014 - Jack Hubbard - bucket-list business planning

When you go to events you never know the talk you'll hear that will change your perspective forever. For most of us at the Happy Startup Summercamp in 2014 this was it. Jack explains his own, unique business philosophy, and how he made that real at his own firm. He also introduced the world to the term "grey-suited mood hoovers"....


Happy Summercamp 2014 - Simon Cohen - why I gave my company away

I remember reading about Simon in the papers a few months before I saw him talk. Hearing his story firsthand blew me away. Not only does he tell a great story, he's also one of the nicest people you could ever meet. 


Do Lectures Wales 2013 - Andy Middleton - start something with a purpose

I went to the Do Lectures whilst still an employee, looking for the confidence to resign and go my own way. This was the first talk I heard at Do, and at the end of it my notes simply said "That's it. Go home, resign". Enough said. 


Do Lectures Wales 2013 - Collyn Ahart - sell your pursuit not your product

Collyn's insights into how brand and strategy interact was a highlight - she demystified what 'brand' really means for this recovering accountant.  Since Do she has walked the walk and launched a business true to her pursuit - Bowndling


Do Lectures Wales 2013 - Owen Rogers - measure betterness not biggerness

Owen - an IDEO Partner - was a great source of insight and energy throughout Do. His talk on what's really important in business - people - struck a chord. 


Do Lectures Wales 2013 - Zach Klein - build the company you wouldn't sell

Despite being one of the first people to arrive in West Wales for the Do Lectures, Zach was the very last speaker that year.  Boy did he leave us on a high. Needless to say my mind was buzzing on the long drive home...