the flywheel

After years of work and children induced neglect, one of my priorities since starting up on my own is getting back into shape. Thanks to plenty of hard work and the evil mind of my trainer, I'm starting to feel the benefits. 

I've seen many parallels between getting fit and building a business.

In the early days you have to be careful not to try and do too much too soon, so it's best to start slower than you'd like until you know what your capacity and ability is. You have to be careful not to let your enthusiasm run away with you. 

As you build confidence and strength you do more, building up momentum in your 'flywheel', it gets easier, you start to push yourself - more sessions, longer distances, faster speeds, more reps, higher weights. Each session builds on the last and you see and feel results quickly. 

If you over-do it, you lose enthusiasm and energy, and need a break before you can really push yourself again. 

If you don't do enough your flywheel starts to lose momentum, you lose some of the benefits you've earned, and you have to go back a few steps to rebuild what you've lost.

Consistency and rhythm are key. The delicate art of pushing hard and building long-term success without burning out on the journey.