the joys of germination

I've been on quite a journey over the last six months. 

Having left employment full of determination and energy to build a business and life that was true to me (but without much of a clear idea what that would look like) the inevitable pressure of finding my first pieces of work took over, and my time and energies were directed to doing and delivering rather than finding answers to some of the big questions I'd left work to explore.

After the end of an intense period of client work (with associated painful flashbacks to my corporate days!), I finally had a pause.

A chance to let my first experiences in self-employment sink in.

A chance for all the books I've read and conversations I've had sink in.

A chance to reassess my decision, and the direction I had taken.

A chance to find clarity on what my next steps would be.

And boy did it work.

With hindsight both the busy period of work and following pause were exactly what I needed. Unexpectedly, almost full formed answers have started to appear. 

What I really left work to do. 

What kind of work is important to me.

Who I really want to work with.

The impact I want to have. 

It feels like phase one is over, and the most exciting bit is yet to start, as I finally put my message out into the world and the try to effect the change I want to see. 

Needless to say all this clarity has only resulted in my action list getting longer, but in a good way. The wheels are in motion, and I can't wait to show everyone what's been hidden in my head all this time.