leading yourself

One of the hardest things I've found about working for myself is the lack of feedback.

In a typical job you have a boss, colleagues, project teams. All of whom in different ways give guidance on how you are performing, whether your ideas and work are on the right track.

When you work for yourself you have...you.  

When I first set out on my own I was searching for feedback, waiting for my ideas and thoughts to be validated by the people I've met, rather than having the confidence to just get on with it.  

Of course you do get feedback from clients, and that is infinitely valuable, but scarce compared to the day to day interaction I was used to.

There have already been false starts and promising projects that failed, and that's OK. I had reservations about all of them, but trusted the people I was working with and went with it, rather than listen to my gut and say "no".

 I've quickly learnt that the most important voice to listen to is my own. 

I'm learning to trust my instinct, to have the confidence to lead rather than follow, and already feel much better for it.