Some things I'd like to see

Here is a short list of the way I'd like to see organisations behaving in the future: 

  1. Organisations are values driven not just value driven
  2. Zero environmental impact is the minimum - companies strive for a positive impact
  3. Organisations take and report an eco-system view of their performance and impact, not an inward looking limited view of financial results, but a wide review of impact on all stakeholders 
  4. Companies stop obsessing over disclosure and behave more openly, which should support... 
  5. ...greater collaboration both within and across sectors as transparency helps people identify opportunities
  6. True cost is understood and used so that longer-term factors can be properly considered
  7. Resilience is built into both individual organisations and industries, so that shocks can be absorbed and companies can fail without threatening the whole 
  8. Corporate leaders challenge the status quo and show that there is another way to build and grow businesses without being diverted by short-term, financial results driven concerns
  9. No-one uses the word 'social enterprise' as all organisations embed a social purpose within their values and behaviours
  10. Stakeholder value becomes the key metric, not shareholder value