Standing on the precipice

Well, I did it.

Last month, after around two years of self-reflection, soul searching and saving, I finally handed in my notice to leave my corporate job. Tomorrow I leave the world of employment, hopefully for good.

My next step is to start building my new business as an advisor to start-ups, small businesses and social enterprise, with a couple of other projects on the side. 

Exciting times ahead. A chance to build a business and a life in the shape I choose, with my values and dreams at its heart. 

At the dawn of this new chapter of my life, I can’t help but look back and think about what lead to me to this point, where going solo has become the only acceptable route.

So, what is it I hope to achieve?

Control over my time, energy and relationships.
The freedom to get involved in the things that interest me, to spend my time and energy on those things that are important to me.
To use my breadth of interests and knowledge to create a work and life that is interesting and fresh. To not be limited by a job description or title.
To work in areas true to my values, not someone else’s. 
To work with those people that inspire me to be better.
To use my skills and energy to create real value, to create my own definition of success. 
To achieve a balance in life where I don’t feel like I am constantly compromising family, health and well-being to do my job properly.  To feel I can take on adventures and challenges and see them through.  
To set an example to my children that you don’t have to play by other people’s rules.

Best get cracking.