Here's to 2014

Whichever way you look at it 2013 was a watershed year for me. From the arrival our our third child, to life-changing experiences at the Do Lectures and River Cottage and leaving the safety of full-time employment to build my own future - things will never be quite the same again. 

Alongside the many highs of the year, there have also been lows. It wasn't until I left work that I realised how ground-down I was. There have been false-starts and dead-ends. Adapting to independent work hasn't been easy - and it still isn't. I'd be lying if I said I never questioned my decision to go solo. 

That said, looking ahead I can't help but be excited about what 2014 could bring. I have a sense of excitement that I haven't had for a long time. 2014 will, I hope, be a year which consolidates my new direction whilst bringing more of those things I loved about 2013...more connections, more inspiration, more clarity on my purpose, more adventure, more content shipped...

Sitting in a coffee shop as the rain pours on the early morning commuters, my notebook filling up with ideas, I'm sure that I'm on the right path, whatever ups and downs it may bring. 

Here's to 2014. Let's make it a good one.