emergent is a strategy and innovation consultancy that works with purpose-driven businesses to create new strategies for growth, impact and long-term success. 

We believe that organisations motivated by purpose are the future. Businesses that can look beyond short-term profit to invest in their ecosystem are more likely to survive and thrive in these ever-changing times.
We believe that strategy works best when it is a balance of creativity and rigour. Compelling visions, big ideas and unique insights are important, but need robust plans, effective operating models and commercial sustainability to deliver them. 

We believe that in this time of accelerating change, focused and agile organisations will win. Creating the right conditions to empower your team brings resilience, and enables your people to unleash their full potential and help deal with change as it comes. 

We like big challenges, and our unique blend of skills and experience means we bring fresh perspective, energy and insight to tackle them. 

In short, we help our clients:

  • develop a new vision for their business
  • move from vision and aspiration to clear plan and action
  • become more focused and agile
  • identify and explore strategic options
  • align teams around a new strategy
  • design and implement operating models to support growth and change
  • deal with difficult challenges and changes in context
  • lead training to develop and expand your teams’ capacity for strategic insight and innovation